Loukout Tower Blueberry Mountain (Borůvková hora) - Javorník

14,4 km from Vidnava to Javorník


Access to the lookout tower is via tourist routes from Javorník, Travná, Bílá voda and Poland

The closest car can be parked in Travná at the border crossing, the road was repaired through Travná until the crosing and the crosing is open to cars after the entry of the Czech Republic and Poland into the EU Shengen area. From the border. take the forest road to the right and walk to the tourist signpoitn "Nad Travnou". From there, follow the blue tourist sign to the "Borůvková hora" signpost and from there follow the red tourist sign to the top of the mountain to the lookout tower. http://www.boruvkovahora.websnadno.cz/


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