The town of Nysa - PL

19 km from Vidnava

Nysa (Czech Nisa) is one of the oldest Silesian cities. It was probably founded in the 10th century and became the head of the Duchy of Nisa of the same name. Under this name, it was part of Wrocław diocese in 1200 and together with it also belonged to Lower Silesia. In 1424 it had to defend against the Hussites.

During the Thirty Years´ War it was besieged three times. then costly rebuild into a fortress (Nisa Fortress) and during the Napoleonic Wars it was conquered by the French in 1807. Within Prussia, it retained its Roman Catholic character. It was nicknamed „Silesian Rome“ for its many Baroque and Gothic churches.

After First World War, it became part of the Prussian province of Upper Silesia. After Second World War, it became part of Poalnd under the Polish name Nysa as part of the agreements on the Potsdam Conference.


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