The town of Otmuchów - PL

12 km from Vidnava


Otmuchów is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and beutiful cities in Opole Silesia. Town is in the southwestern part of the region, near the border with the Czech Republic. It was founded on the left bank of the river Nysa Klodzka, by the historic ancient trade route leading from Nysa to Klodzko. The town is the one of the oldest in Silesia and its roots date back to Middle Ages. For many years it belonged to the Wrocław diocese. At the same time from the secularization Otmuchów gained independence in 1810. The specific beauty is of its architecture is associated with belonging to the episcopal priesthood. This is evidenced by the many historical monuments that have been preserved to this day. One of them is the castle of bishops rising above the town, which was a defensive seat and at the same time served as a treasury. The Baroque church dedicated to St. Nicholas and Francis Xavier also deserved attention. A special feture of the town is the town hall with its unique sundial. 

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