Former Kaolin Quarry

1,4 km from Vidnava

One of the most beautiful quarries in the region, reminiscent on a reduced scale of the romantic landscape of the Wild West or Canadian lakes. And if you are lucky enough to be alone at this quarry, you will brathe wonderful peace and quite. Kaolin was mined in the quarry before, and therefore even today the banks and surroundings are white and even the water on some days.

Kaolin was used for the production of porcelain, fireclay, floated kaolin is then used as a filler in the production of paper as an additive to paints and refractory bricks. The characteristic properties of there bricks are heat resistance, plasticity and bonding.

Additional Info

  • Zeměpisná šířka: 50.360113
  • Zeměpisná délka: 17.190158
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